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Our Mission

YOCAN partners with official training institutions and initiatives to help the young Arabs across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to gain the skills they need, support those unemployed to find a career and add hope to their lives.

We foster and encourage public understanding of “Tolerance” in MENA, creating an enabling environment where youths in the Arab world become engaged in public talks on topics that matter to them, give them a tolerant voice to counter extremists’ discourses and create dialogue on critical issues.

Our efforts are dedicated to empower the Arab youths and give them hope and faith in the role they can play to change their lives and societies to the better. This can be achieved through developing their skills, provide them with access to vocational training and allow them the opportunity to learn new professions that are conducive to help them advance their careers and pursue a brighter future.

Freedom of speech always comes with responsibility for the world

In fact internet communication especially social media provides the conditions for content to be published very easily.

At the same time. However, manipulative distorting or simply false messages can spread virally at breakneck speed. Most recipients accept messages unchecked which makes it easy to present even absurd niche opinions as mass opinions.

Recent targeted manipulations of the democratic public slowly lead to a change in awareness: the quality of information is made more dependent on the most reliable indicator. namely the trustworthiness of the source both senders and recipients must learn to use social media responsibly . the Yocan Foundation promotes social media competence in the Arab world in order to make young people critical and immune to influence and capture by extremist groups