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What We Do

Skills and tools for young journalist in the MENA region

Media is key to sustainable change. Yocan is partnering with officials, Other initiatives and well-known journalists to support young Arab publishers with the Skills and new tools they need for improved storytelling. Because the better the story, the better reach. Engagement and possible impact The Yocan Foundation offers media Training and workshops leading to deeper understanding of the goals and requirements of objective high-quality journalism that based on research, facts and verifications. we support the free media and we fight against fake news.

Empowering influencers to use social media for a positive change

We empower an unparalleled Arab network of rising and experienced influencers to produce content to motivate the people in the Arab world for more tolerance, more acceptance and more debating culture in their local societies. Democracy is a political culture of debate, of weighing arguments and aims at compromises.

Social media offers the shortest possible connection between opinion and audience – – a great chance for freedom of speech. But also, it requires serious responsibility by any influencer.

We engage and train influencers to learn how to create indigenous stories with best accuracy to change lives, to increase freedom of expression and establish access to information in the Arab world.

We empower Arab youth to change their future

Strive to strengthen the Youth in Mena supporting people who are unable to work themselves and create hope in live By providing a vocational training for a bright job perspective, we Create pathways of opportunities for Arab youth to pursue several careers in through internship, mentorship and networking opportunities ultimately strengthening. We create a professional development of Arab youth and prepare them to be the leaders of tomorrow, through mentorship and educational initiatives