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Marijuana vs Alcohol Is Marijuana Safer Than Alcohol?

In a study published in JAMA Psychiatry in June, University of Pennsylvania scientists analyzed 69 studies involving younger cannabis users. To get a more honest account of their marijuana and alcohol consumption, students were assured that parents and teachers would not have access to the information — unless there was an imminent safety risk. The study concluded that marijuana had a more damaging effect on teenagers’ long-term cognitive abilities than alcohol.

Peck R, Biasotti A, Boland P, Mallory C, Reeve V. The effects of marijuana and alcohol on actual driving performance. Hindmarch I, Kerr JS, Sherwood N. The effects of alcohol and other drugs on psychomotor performance and cognitive function. Last year, for example, Medical News Today reported on a study linking marijuana use to a greater risk of psychosis in teenagers, while another study claimed that the drug is “worse than cigarettes” for cardiovascular health. But despite eating over 600 extra calories when smoking, marijuana users don’t – on the whole – have higher BMIs. In fact, studies suggest that regular smokers are actually at a slightly reduced risk of obesity.

whats worse weed or alchol

There may also be a link between daily weed use and poorer verbal memory in adults who start smoking young. It’s impossible to say whether drinking alcohol or using marijuana causes violence, but several studies suggest a link between alcohol and violent behaviour. A research note published by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration concluded that having a detectable amount of THC in your blood did not increase the risk of car accidents. A 16-year eco sober house study of more than 65,000 Americans published in the American Journal of Public Health found that the healthy marijuana users were not more likely to die of an early death than the healthy men and women who did not use cannabis. Last year, more than 30,000 people died from alcohol-induced causes in the US – and that does not count drinking-related accidents or homicides. If those deaths were included, the number would be closer to 90,000, according to the CDC.

Impact on the Community

As for marijuana, whose legalization for medical uses has been a matter of strong public policy debate for years, there is ample evidence that beneficial compounds can be found in the plant. The inability to metabolize alcohol as quickly as it is consumed can lead to a buildup of alcohol in the brain that shuts down areas necessary for survival, such as those involved with heartbeat and respiration. Learn what makes each of these products a good pick and how to spot a quality product.

Indeed, the men who used marijuana the most were the least likely to commit violence against a partner. A 2013 case-control study found that marijuana use increased the odds of being in a fatal crash by 83 percent. But adding alcohol to drug use increased the odds of a fatal crash by more than 2,200 percent. A more recent study found that, after controlling for various factors, a detectable amount of THC, the active ingredient in pot, in the blood did not increase the risk of accidents at all. Having a blood alcohol level of at least 0.05 percent, though, increased the odds of being in a crash by 575 percent. One weakness of driving studies is that subjects are aware of being observed and assessed, so such studies are generally a better measure of what drivers are capable of doing rather than what they actually do.

whats worse weed or alchol

Marijuana can be consumed in many ways; it can be smoked, vaporized, rubbed on the skin, or added to food. Depending on the method in which Marijuana is consumed, the user can start feeling effects within minutes. Depending on the individual and the amount consumed, users may experience altered senses as well as have issues with cognition. There have been reports of delusions and hallucinations when taken in high doses. Although it is possible to experience negative side effects from Marijuana, such as anxiety and paranoia, the drug is considered generally safe and non-life threatening. Drummer O, Gerostamoulos J, Batziris H, Chu M, Caplehorn J, Robertson M. The involvement of drugs in drivers of motor vehicles killed in Australian road traffic crashes.

Dangers Of Mixing Alcohol And Marijuana

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  • Treatment for any co-occurring mental health conditions should be instituted in conjunction with substance use disorder treatment.
  • While both are intoxicants used recreationally, their legality, patterns of use and long-term effects on the body make the two drugs difficult to compare.
  • The health and psychological consequences of cannabis use.

Their findings linked alcohol consumption with long-term changes to the structure of white matter and gray matter in the brain. Weed can also trigger temporary feelings of paranoia and hostility, but it’s not yet clear whether those symptoms are linked with an increased risk of long-term psychosis. On the other hand, low to moderate drinking — about one drink a day — has been linked with a lower risk of heart attack and stroke compared with abstention. James Nicholls, a director at Alcohol Research UK, told The Guardian that those findings should be taken with a grain of salt since “any protective effects tend to be canceled out by even occasional bouts of heavier drinking.”

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News Corp is a global, diversified media and information services company focused on creating and distributing authoritative and engaging content and other products and services. Drugs are especially harmful to someone who is still growing, because your body is less able to process them. Kids are smaller than adults and the smaller you are, the more a drug can affect you. And a 2017 study led by Josiane Bourque and colleagues at the University of Montreal suggests that a link between frequent marijuana use in adolescence and psychotic symptoms may be largely caused by depression.

whats worse weed or alchol

We may ask for your zip code or other pertinent geographic information in order to track calls being routed to other offices or to accurately identify the local resources appropriate to your needs. This is a 27 percent increase from 2019, when the Helpline received a total of 656,953 calls for the year. Despite misconceptions, it is possible to have cannabis use disorder. Healthline has strict sourcing guidelines and relies on peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and medical associations.

Marijuana Is Safer Than Alcohol: It’s Time To Treat It That Way

A study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine found that people who drank heavily had a higher risk of becoming overweight or obese. But scientists have had a hard time deciphering whether excessive alcohol use causes eco sober house ma depression and anxiety or whether people with depression and anxiety drink in an attempt to relieve those symptoms. Having a blood-alcohol level of 0.05 percent or higher increased the chances of being in a crash by 575 percent.

In 2014, The Lancet Psychiatry famously reported that teens who smoke marijuana daily are 60 percent less likely to graduate from high school or college than those who never use — and seven times more likely to attempt suicide. Teen brains are more vulnerable to the effects of marijuana than alcohol, a new study finds. The incidence and role of drugs in fatally injured drivers. Marks DF, MacAvoy MG. Divided attention performance in cannabis users and non-users following alcohol and cannabis separately and in combination. Crancer A, Jr, Dille JM, Delay JC, Wallace JE, Haykin MD. Comparison of the effects of marihuana and alcohol on simulated driving performance.

Lauren worked as a Web Content Writer at Recovery Brands. Before working at Recovery Brand, she served as the Program Director for a community-based HIV/AIDS and cancer non-profit in San Francisco. Joe Brownstein is a contributing writer to Live Science, where he covers medicine, biology and technology topics. He has a Master of Science and Medical Journalism from Boston University and a Bachelor of Arts in creative writing and natural sciences from Johns Hopkins University.

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Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It’s also important to remember that there aren’t many high-quality, long-term studies on weed and its effects. A 2014 study suggests that consuming weed as a teenager can lead to brain development issues at a later stage. However, the study couldn’t confirm whether these issues are permanent or not. Plus, there’s the issue of varying methods of consumption.

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